"When you are networking you are doing more than just marketing your business; 

you are marketing yourself.” 

- Timothy M. Houston - 

Welcome to Uxbridge Business Networking as a member!

I am Claudia Dickson, your host for the Uxbridge Business Networking group and I started this networking group in January 2018 for give business people in Uxbridge and the surrounding areas the opportunity to expand their businesses and connect to more people on a monthly basis. It has been a great journey so far!

We are meeting once a month and our typical events would start with some networking followed by a each business owner presenting their businesses for one minute and then exchanging business cards, special offers or events. There are two business talks each ten minutes long which are next on the agenda. These will be held by any member of the networking group. The remaining time will be spent on general networking which gives you the opportunity to connect with everyone attending and perhaps have a look at some of the products on display.

There is an opportunity to display your products on the day - you just need to let me know as there may be limited space available.

Needless to say, there will be refreshments and pastries. So come along and enjoy a morning of networking in Uxbridge!

Booking as a Member

As you have signed up for our membership please book here for your networking event at the lower networking fee of £10.00. Thank you for choosing to being a member of Uxbridge Business Networking. The website is in the making and I am really excited to be able to add your profile to the website once it is ready. 



our networking

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Enjoy a discounted networking fee of £10.00 per networking event,  priority speaking and a promotional hot spot on the new website

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German Tutor

Just to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a native German tutor and language specialist and I am helping people to speak German like a native. My aim is for clients and students alike to start speaking German with ease and confidence to be successful in client communication and in future exams.  I teach all levels of German such as German for Business Level, German for University-Level, German A-Level and German GCSE from home or online and have done so for the past 27 years. It has been an exciting journey!

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