Learning for Leisure

Experience the very cosmopolitan Germany of today and enjoy dipping into its rich history of towns such as Berlin, Dresden or Cologne or simply enjoy the beautiful countryside of the Black Forest or the Lake District of the Märkische Seenplatte. Your German will go far!

German lessons


Group tuition is a great way for busy people to learn German. May it be for that famous Christmas market in Berlin or a summer river cruise along the river Rhine. You can join your online lesson from any location. Lessons are recorded and send to students, so you will never miss a lesson. For adults, a short burst of intensive tuition within a group setting works very well and is recommended at different stages of tuition but especially at the beginning.

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Online Tuition

All lessons take place online via Zoom at CDlingua. Online lessons are really taking off and one of the advantages is that you are never limited to location. The interactive online whiteboard allows for all information to be recorded and sent to the students after the lessons. Materials and support are made available to the students online. A study programme will be arranged according to your needs.

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As an adult learner, you may be looking to give your German studies more direction by working towards an exam or an official exam is needed for working in Germany. The Common European Framework divides learners into levels from A1 to C2 which have precise guidelines for reading, listening, speaking and writing. CDlingua will guide you to the right exam for you and prepare you for each level you wish to achieve.

Lessons are available for all levels of German such as Beginner, Threshold, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced.

Lessons will be designed specifically around you and your needs incorporating various types of learning tools using a personalised supportive and friendly approach.

Bonus Lesson

A FREE BONUS LESSON will be given to anyone who introduces a new student who will then go ahead and book a minimum of 10 lessons. Your free lesson will be credited to you after your friend's 10th lesson as a big Thank You! To refer a friend click here

Online German lessons

ONLINE LESSONS work very well and can be arranged individually or for groups. Most lessons are via Skype but other platforms can be used. Study material will be sent via skype or email prior to the lesson, also skype is a great way of keeping record of vocabulary which is accessible any time after the lesson has finished. The best about online lessons must be that you are not limited to location. To contact us click here

booster classes

Most students studying for German put aside one hour per week for extra tuition which is a great start though with the amount of time everybody spends at work and on outside work activities it often doesn't seem enough.
I find that having some intense tuition over the holidays or weekends works really great. Also, having students join certain classes on set topics works wonders. It's both time and cost effective. To contact us click here

Being a native German speaker with 31 years of teaching experience certainly has the advantage to ensure that your child’s tuition is exactly what is needed. To book your first lesson or for any more information please contact Claudia Dickson on 07785723130 or send an email to Claudia@cdlingua.co.uk

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