There are some great ways of helping you along the way with improving your German vocabulary and making sure you don’t forget it again. Repetition and application is the key to a fantastic and wide range of words.  And remember that you need a bit of fun along the way. Have a look at the links and enjoy the journey. This is the place to be!

Teenagers learning german
young people learning German
German vocabulary builder

Beginner A1-A2 and GCSE

Group 1 covers the vocabulary for GCSE and IGCSE up to exam level including all different examination boards and the levels A1-A2 of the European Framework. These qualifications comprise of a huge vocabulary bank from Beginner level through to Threshold level. 

Intermediate B1-B2 and A-Level

Group 2 covers the vocabulary of the lower intermediate to the upper intermediate level B1 and B2 of the European Framework which is on the same level as A-Level German. This level really means business! You will be able to enjoy some German literature and get a feeling that you are really getting ahead. If you are looking to work in Germany as a Doctor you would be required to complete B2.


Advanced levels C1-C2 and University Level

Group 3 covers vocabulary to university levels, business and e-commerce at the levels C1 and C2 of the European Framework. These levels are an incredible achievement and would be very helpful when working in Germany.



As I am always looking to learn another language myself, at the moment I am starting on Greek, I know and really can appreciate the constant endeavor of expanding your vocabulary and, at no lesser effort, to keep remembering it.

I suppose this must be one of the most painful acknowledgments when you discover that you will not be able to wing it without learning that good old vocabulary, whichever way you are trying to look at it. Just think about it: What does a language consist of? Words. Words. And Words again!

vocabulary ticker

A live vocabulary ticker can be found on Twitter and a Facebook group has been created for each level. Join me and unlock your potential.

Watch this space as there will be a multitude of specifically designed vocabulary to help each level of German.


If you have any questions in regards to vocabulary feel free to contact me on claudia@cdlingua.co.uk and I will be happy to help. 

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