As grammar is another key stepping stone in learning a language, here you will find a variety of exercises, videos and links to help you along the way. It is also important to implement learnt grammar into speaking exercises as soon as possible. I totally believe in teaching the big 4 - speaking - reading - writing - listening - to everyone right from the beginning. This is a great way of retaining everything you learnt.


The Beginning

Grammar can be fun!

When I have a new student I start introducing grammar through speaking and conversation - perhaps a couple of exercises but mainly I teach to use the language correctly. This is a great way of learning because you will be able to speak or write without to much emphasis on grammar. Languages are, after all, all about communication!

The Journey

When reaching the Lower Intermediate level, grammar will appear automatically in new materials or stories which are being covered. You will get more familiar with your grammar by learning new topics and talking about those. Conversations will be more in depth and as you will be speaking a lot - grammar will 'sound' right - that is such an amazing step, when you know, that what you are saying sounds right without thinking about it.

The Destination

Arriving at this level you thought you would know all the grammar only to find out that the Germans have a few more tricks up their sleeve! Though now it is more about different sentence structures and how you would like to express yourself. It is all about you deciding how intricate you want to speak or write and what you want to be reading. 

Practice makes perfect!

A lot of the material I use I have put together myself as I found that there is always something missing or exercises are not using quite the right vocabulary for a specific group of people. Though you will find some links here which are truly great and the people who have created them deserve all the credit. There is a lot of volume to be added to this website which is growing constantly, so start using the links that are available.

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