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Vocabulary – der Wortschatz

If you like it or not I am sure you will understand that vocabulary plays a very important part in learning any language.

You will find that I have allocated an entire section to vocabulary which I am still working on. In the meantime here are a couple of books and links which will be able to help you on your quest to master German vocabulary as best as possible.

Soon I will have vocabulary cards available for you which will be even more effective to nuture an ever expanding pool of vocabulary.

The A1 glossar is the only vocabulary book available at the moment. This book includes German, English, French and Spanish all in one.

For levels A1-B1 there are downloadable versions available.

This book helps with the systematic expansion of your vocabulary and is designed for levels B1-C2. 

This B2 vocabulary book helps you through exercises to expand your vocabulary.

Perfecting your Vocabulary by using vocabulary cards

Over the years I have been developing different ways of expanding one’s vocabulary and working out what works best for most people.

I am using a combination of vocabulary cards together with certain lists and also added these to some online apps.

As I am also always learning a language and I am teaching many different people, I am talking from experience over the past 32 years.

Over 700 vocabulary cards for different levels in my membership

Whereas I am working on individual vocabulary card sets for the different levels you can access a vast variety of cards in my membership. Each card has two example sentences in German and in English and reflects the grammar for that particular level of German.

There are 6 levels which are A1 (Beginner), A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 (Advanced levels)

german speaking groups

Apart from offering you regular speaking opportunities online, grammar exercises, videos and lots more, my membership group also offers you a word of the day with sample sentences.

As the group has been running for 3 years now, there are 5 new words per week. So you can imagine there are a few hundred words to get through which you can search for according to your level of German.

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