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  • Members will be able to start speaking German with ease and confidence and will develop a high standard of German.
  • They will be able to expand their vocabulary considerably and will learn to confidently express themselves fully in all different situations without getting flustered.
  • Members advancing their professional careers will be able to use their German confidently with their German business partners or colleagues.
  • They will be able to take advantage of job opportunities in Germany or elsewhere by raising their level of German considerably which then increases their options and choices, they can make.
  • Members will get help whenever they get stuck with their German skills to make sure their learning progresses stays consistent and without interruptions.
  • They will get the unique opportunity within the group to speak German with others on a regular basis and with direct support.


is an online membership community for everyone wanting to learn German. Whether you are an ambitious professional who wants to take your German to a whole new level or whether you are looking to spend time in Germany or with German speaking friends and family.
It is a programme for people who want to:

... expand their vocabulary daily in an active way so they can communicate in German on a vast variety of topics without struggling for words

write German... learn how to use the correct grammar when writing and speaking, so that they sound professional when communicating in German


... perfect their German by getting their personal questions answered when they are stuck on something without wondering where to get help

speaking german... have the chance to regularly practice their German speaking so that they can start to speak German confidently and professionally with others without their nerves getting the upper hand

speak gerrman

... move ahead with their German in a systematic way which leads them to the level they want to achieve and pass any exams required

support german... get daily support in their German to help them to become confident in using the language and potentially prepare themselves for a life in Germany or for working with German speakers

By joining our community, you will learn all of this easily and effortlessly, so you don’t feel stressed or worried but calm and self-assured knowing that you have all the support you need.



Opened on April 1st 2021
We are hugely excited to welcome you to start this PHENOMENAL journey
This is an online membership group that will equip you with the know-how and a step-by-step guide to speaking German like a native





  • Monthly online training will help you to learn something new every month and make a direct difference to your German
  • You will be able to join Live Q&As which will help you to get your questions answered by a professional native German tutor with 32 years of teaching experience
  • You will get daily active support with a word of the day and daily grammar tasks to make sure that you develop consistency in learning German
  • You will be able to take part in Speaker’s Corner, my online speaking groups, which are available for anyone who is joining this group. These will help you to communicate more confidently with others at your own level. I will help you to speak German with confidence!
  • We have different monthly grammar topics and I am always open to suggestions. There will be something great for each level of German
  • This membership is extremely cost effective, and you are not bound to a contract, but you can leave any time if it is not for you



german groups

Everything will take place in the SPEAK GERMAN WITH EASE AND CONFIDENCE Facebook Group. AND for those who do not use Facebook there is a WhatsApp group which will have the same communication.


All the training will be stored in the GUIDES and all the calls will take place via Zoom and streamed LIVE into the group.

german posts

Interaction on the posts in the group will allow you to get actively involved and your comments corrected if needed.

german word

The WORD OF THE DAY will be dropped into the group each morning with sample sentences. There will be one word for the beginner levels and another word for intermediate and advanced levels.

speak german

The online speaking groups will take place via Zoom and will be either streamed or uploaded into the Facebook group. Anyone will be able to join a group at their own ability.

german grammar

Each month will concentrate on a certain part of grammar for different levels of German which will be broken down into weekly learning and you will have the chance to participate through commenting.


Opened on April 1st 2021
We are hugely excited to welcome you to start this PHENOMENAL journey
This is an online membership group that will equip you with the know-how and a step-by-step guide to speaking German like a native



german tutor


Hi, I’m Claudia Dickson and I am a native German tutor and language specialist. I have been helping professionals for the past 32 years to perfect their German and to speak German with ease and confidence.

My passion is all about helping people to speak German like a native effortlessly to build stronger relationships with their German contacts and to make sure that their language skills can help them to better their careers.

I have been working online for quite a few years and have developed a system of how to help people best with their German and to progress successfully. Many of my clients have moved to Germany and have taken up careers there, whereas others are working closely with their German partners.

Being able to control a conversation is often the key to business success and that's why I created what is called Speaker's Corner - my online speaking groups - for the past 5 years now I have been successfully giving people support to gain confidence in their German speaking.

With my teaching experience, I believe I have an edge that I can pass on to anyone. And I love seeing people succeed in German by overcoming their objections and struggles. I created this membership to give people a good foundation in German so that we can then build on it together.

In my membership I will help you learn to speak German with ease and confidence.


People who are looking to become confident German speakers and are excited about the German language and its accompanying opportunities
Ambitious professionals who are looking to progress their careers and who know that being able to speak fluent German is essential
Dedicated people who are looking to take advantage of job opportunities in German speaking countries or companies


Professionals who are not prepared to put in the work and practice their German to help them improve
People who don’t think they need to learn anything anymore and don’t want to be helped



Just click on the link below to sign up for the membership and then every month your fee will be deducted from your account.

How do I cancel my account?

Just send us an email and we will stop the next payment coming out of your account, but we do not refund previous months. You need to give us 48 hours’ notice to carry out this admin task.

When does Speaker's Corner take place?

Speaker’s Corner will take place on a Saturday either at 12 pm or at 2 pm and on Tuesdays either at 9 am or 7 pm. There is a set timetable in the group for each speaking opportunity and each Speaker’s Corner will take 60 minutes. I am open to more time suggestions.

What happens if I can’t make a training call?

All training calls will be live-streamed into the Facebook group or recorded and uploaded to it. If you can’t make a call you can watch the replay very easily and hopefully you can make the next one.

Will Speaker's Corner be recorded?

Speaker's Corner will not be recorded as not everyone feels comfortable about that. As I don't like to interrupt the flow of speaking, corrections and suggestions are written in the chat and later posted in the group and on WhatsApp.

When do we receive the training?

Training will take place once a month on a Monday morning. The training is going to be streamed into the group and stored in Guides in the group. This allows you to access them anytime and as often as you would like.

What if I have a question?

You can ask a question anytime in the group. If there is a quick answer I will get to it as soon as possible. If the answer needs to be more in depth then I will include it in a training session as there will be more people who may have the same question. There is a pinned post in the group to put your questions in.

Will the group be only in German?

As everyone is learning German and may not be at the level of understanding explanations, I will be giving the training in German and English to allow for a wider audience an to  help you learn German in the process.

The posts in the group are written in German though there is a translation at the bottom of most of them.

The words of the day are given in German with German example sentences but with an English translation.

You can always use the built-in translation feature on Facebook too if you require a different language.

For which level of German is this group?

This group is for ALL levels of German from A1-C2 which is reflected in monthly topics, daily posts, vocabulary and weekly training.

The topics per month will be for all levels and include material for the beginner levels A1/A2, the intermediate levels A1/B2 and the advanced levels C1/C2 of German.

As all the material is saved and organised in the group you will be able to access all the material as you are moving through the levels of German.

Come and join us! 



Opened on April 1st 2021
We are hugely excited to welcome you to start this PHENOMENAL journey
This is an online membership group that will equip you with the know-how and a step-by-step guide to speaking German like a native



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