Literature is another way of enjoying  the German language at any level of German. There are lovely books with vocabulary help and bilingual books which cover a vast array of literature nowadays. Of course, the great German classics and modern authors show a different way into the language.

die ersten Schritte
reading German
reading German

Very quickly you will be able to read short texts and hold simple conversations which again will help you remembering words. This allows you to find the pleasure in reading short stories, articles and other material which has been designed for your level. And all the time you will be expanding your vocabulary.

It is really important to enjoy learning a language and one of the key factors is understanding more and more. The feeling of reading a little book is awesome. Some books add vocabulary to the page, others are bi-lingual. This allows you to enjoy the story without constantly looking up words. Sometimes it helps writing out words which are important to you.

The beauty of the internet is that a lot of the reading material is available in different languages. There is always help at hand. If you are discussing a certain book for A-Level, Uni or with your private Tutor like myself, make use of all the resources available. You will find some videos here which address some of the classic books and films.

Whether you are reading poems, short stories, novels for yourself or studying certain pieces for A-level or university, there will be something here for everyone. I will be discussing varies pieces of literature in my groups on Facebook. 

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