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Learning a language is exciting and fun though most people have a limited number of hours for their tuition due to other commitments.

Most students studying for GCSE or A-level German put aside one hour per week for extra tuition which is a great start though with the amount of work everybody does in school and outside of school it often doesn't seem enough.
I find that having some intense tuition over the holidays or weekends works really great. Also, having students join certain classes on set topics works wonders. It's both time and cost effective.

For adults, a short burst of intensive tuition works very well and is recommended at different stages of tuition but especially at the beginning. This way you will be at a Threshold or Lower Intermediate level in no time at all. Building your knowledge on such foundation will be extremely time and also cost effective as you will need less lessons in the long run.

Optimising the way you are learning a language is much more fun as you learn quicker and are rewarded either by better grades or being able to communicate better in business or social situations.
As we all know from school, the more fun you have learning a certain subject the easier and more effective it is. There are many methods to have fun while learning a new language.

One of the key elements in learning a new language is to use what you have learned as soon as possible and speak to other people. Speaking plays an important role in learning a language.

Join a language learning group and get new ideas of how to improve your German.

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