How to bring the FUN into your German study!

This week I will give you 5 TIPS of how to add something different to your German learning to make your journey more exciting and also much more effective!


Audio books are a really great way of adding something different to your language learning. Many would think that their German needs to be brilliant before starting with audio books.

But today there are audio books available for all different levels of German. As the word audio book says – there are hard copies available to your new audio book!

Amongst large number of audio books you will find some which are not only suitable for the professional adult learner but also for the GCSE student and even more so for the A-Level student.

I wanted to give you some links where you can find audio books – some for free others are not for free – but there is something there for everyone.

⭐ 1. for the beginner to elementary

audible is one way of getting some good audio books for beginners
Dino in Deutschland is a great series –
This small detective series is great as well –

⭐ 2. for the intermediate to advanced

audible again has an amazing array of audio books for this level.

here are some podcasts which are great as well…/germ…/intermediate-german-podcast/

There are tons of free German titles that you can start streaming on Spotify,,, Youtube

By starting with these early and on a regular basis – imagine the difference you will be making to your German!


TIP #2: GAMES in German

Like with everything we enjoy, when you are having fun learning German it becomes much easier and you will remember much better what you learnt.

Have you ever thought of playing ‘Boggle’ in German, or ‘Scrabble’ or one of my favourites ‘Game of Life’ – das Spiel des Lebens. Oh and let’s not forget Monopoly!

All the main games are available in German with their added special characters for games like ‘Boggle’ and ‘Scrabble’ and often you can work out together what the cards of board games are saying and if you know the games anyway like ‘Monopoly’ it becomes even easier realising what you need to do.

Also, whether you are looking to use games to improve German numbers, verbs, opposites, tenses, genders and cases – there are games available for everything. Children and adults alike – we all learn better with a variety of resources

Playing board games or card games etc makes learning German so much more exciting especially as you are interacting with others.

It is a great way of getting your children into learning other languages and enjoying the journey!

For more tips on which German games are great for learning German join my German learning group



This is all to do with using the technology we have at hand nowadays. We may as well use it for learning German!

I don’t know about you but I do a lot of work on my mobile nowadays and started to use if for tutorials, language learning and of course a lot more.

It is a great idea to add different apps to your German learning – there is a variety of free apps available. AND someone has put a lot of work into these – so use them!

 My favourite app is DUOLINGO – this free app covers speaking, listening, writing and reading in a fun and informative way.
It is a definite must to every German learner.

 Another great app is MEMRISE – a fantastic source of vocabulary organised in topics or/and qualifications.

 My third favourite is QUIZLET – this is where you can create your own word groups which Quizlet then puts into flash cards and various online games.
You can also use someone else’s word sets.

I love these – as they add a bit of excitement to your learning and you can play the games or do the exercises whenever you feel like it.

If you want more ideas, tutorials and daily tips for your German learning journey – then join me in my group


TIP #4: German Online Study HelpGERMAN STUDY HELP

The internet allows us to tap into a lot of information which years ago we would not be able to access as easily. Using a variety of online sources really increases the fun factor of learning!

There are some fantastic resources online which are free and some companies have put a lot of work into these for all of us to use them!

I wanted to mention my 2 favourites who will help people for free for all different levels in their German learning process

?1. DW German
A lot of you have heard of it and I really hope you are using this website. Its Fun and effective!
From up to date audio texts with vocab and exercises, slowly spoken news, beginners videos, everything is there from the beginner to the advanced level – A1-C.

I really like the different film series DWGerman has created.
Check out the link and enjoy the diversity.

?2. Begegnungen/Erkundungen
This is a book series which I use with my students but today I wanted to tell you about the free online material which goes with these books.

Anyone can use them – from A1 to C2 – an incredible helpful array of exercises which you can all check yourself online.
Really brilliant!…/uebu…/a1_uebungen_index.htm

NOW – have a look at these and have FUN with your studies.
It is all about variety.


GERMAN SPEAKING GROUPTip #5 – German Speaking Groups

Another key element of successful German learning will inevitably be the communication with others!
This must be one of the most important additions when learning a language and it is unfortunately one of the tasks which is practiced the least!

Speaking is the one part to learning a language which you can’t do on your own or with a book or online course.

And – it has got to be SPEAKING.

Sending texts or messages is a great way of communicating and it definitely helps your German – but you need to look for groups you can join.

1. Find out in your local community -school, uni, work – if there are people in the same situation as you who are learning German. Meet somewhere regularly to have a chat!

2. Look up if there are any German ‘Meetups’ already existing – join them if they are not too far away.

3. Join an online group! There is no stopping you to do that as you don’t need to live close. It is a great way of talking to people. The organiser will be able to inform you about the platform used. My online groups are Speaker’s Corner of which one is for A1/A2and a separate group for B1/B2.

4. If you are not forming your own group but you are joining an organised group be prepared that there may be a charge. This is probably the best spend fee apart from your German tuition.

Speaking is the key to your success in learning German!

Well, there you go! If you are not using the above yet – make a change and start introducing these one at a time to your schedule of learning German. These are a great asset to help you on your quest to learn and to be able to remember a lot of what you have learnt.

I wish you all the best and visit me in my group for regular tips and more interaction with German. 

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