Speaking German

Speaker's Corner
Discover what secrets and tips I have up my sleeve to show you how to speak German like a native when joining us on Speaker’s Corner

Become a confident German speaker and converse in German with ease and confidence

Once you are attending Speaker’s Corner you will:

  • be able to speak German with more ease and confidence with others

  • not get stuck being lost for words but you will have learnt how to remember expressions

  • getting better in being able to express yourself the way you would expect in your native language

  • be confident to use the correct sentence structure while talking to others

  • see a difference in the way you are talking because you will not be nervous anymore when speaking to others

  • be entering your next exam with more confidence

If you are a German learner and you struggle to get the opportunity to practice speaking German as much as you would like, then you absolutely cannot afford to miss Speakers Corner!
  • Speaker’s Corner is an online German group which gives you the opportunity to practice speaking German with others at your level!
  • You will get my support to correct your pronunciation and grammar as well as those golden nuggets of knowledge, so you never make those mistakes again.
  • Nerves will be banished forever because you will have the opportunity to speak and you will realise how easy it can be and the more you practice the better you become.
Take the opportunity to start practicing your German speaking in a safe and friendly environment with people who are just in the same situation as you are.
I will help you on your journey to speak German like a native.

All that is left to do is to choose the level of German which you are learning.

Don't worry, if you think you may have chosen the wrong level it will be very easy to change.

Click through and find out more!

How Speaker’s Corner works
  • Once you booked yourself onto Speaker’s Corner for the next date you will receive joining instructions and information about the topics in the next Speaker’s Corner.
  • Speaker’s Corner is held on Zoom which is a free platform for you and allows all of us to see each other and communicate with each other directly.
  • As Speaker’s Corner is a speaking platform this is exactly what it is going to be. I will help you with some pronunciation and pick out some general grammar points depending on the need of the group.
  • I have a few exiting tips and hints up my sleeve to help you speak German like a native.
  • It will be a lot of FUN! you just need to bring yourself and perhaps a good pot of coffee and the material which I will have sent you. The earlier you book the sooner you will have your material to prepare yourself for Speaker’s Corner if you wish so.


There are 6 reasons why you should drop everything & come join me:

Reason One:

You get these golden nuggets of wisdom that frankly no one in their right mind would share for this super affordable price but I will, and YOU get to gather them all.

Reason Two:

I am bringing my top game to Speaker’s Corner and since you are on my list and you are reading this, you know and admire my work (or your inbox needs a clean-up).

So, trust me when I say this… Speakers Corner is my best work yet. I am sharing some of my absolute best techniques & hidden secrets for improving your spoken German!

Reason Three:

You get access to me…my brain…my time…my not-so-funny jokes. It is quite priceless even if I say so myself.

Reason Four:

You get to hang with some of the best people on the internet EVER! It’s like a party without the booze and silly pranks...only the love of the spoken German word and comradery!

Reason Five:

It cost £15 which is a super affordable price…what do you have to lose!

Reason Six:

Dip into Speaker's Corner when it is convenient for you. You don't have to commit to every Speaker's Corner but just book the dates which are suitable for you.

German Tutor

Why me?

I am Claudia Dickson of CDlingua.

My passion is all about helping people to speak German like a native with confidence and ease to build stronger relationships with German contacts and to get top grades in your exams!

Being a native German Tutor and language specialist with 28 years of teaching experience certainly adds a certain edge. And I love seeing people succeed in German and overcoming objections and struggles.

I help clients and students with their German tuition either online or face-to-face, in groups or one-to-one. Specializing in GCSE and A-Level, Professional and Business German at a corporate level I am looking to help you to increase your German potential and make any exams you are taking less stressful.

Booking and Refund Policy

Speaker’s Corner will take place every two weeks and you can book yourself onto individual dates of the courses you want to do. It would be most beneficial to book regularly but you are in control though make sure to book early and avoid disappointment of not getting on. I will only take 10 people on each Speaker’s Corner.
I am sure you understand that as I held the pricing this low there will be no refunds once you are booked on the course.

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