Master 3 Main German Tenses

German Course

Are you worried?

Do you worry about using German tenses in your exam correctly?

Are you frustrated not knowing if a German verb is irregular or regular?

Are you fed up with getting the endings wrong?

Do you worry about not getting full marks just because of the wrong auxiliary verb?

Let me help you on the way to understand German tenses better and being able to use them more confidently.
I want everyone who struggles with their German tenses have a chance for maximum marks. Using your German tenses with confidence and ease in your exam will make a difference to your final grade. Don't miss out on marks just because of the simple misuse of a tense.
Join me for only £27.00

It is time that you stop getting by with your tenses and start becoming confident on how to use them correctly
The thing is:
  • You have been learning your irregular verbs and still you are making mistakes which leaves you frustrated
  • Half the time you are guessing the changes in stem or the ending and you hope to be lucky that they are correct
  • You realize that you could do with someone to explain the German tenses and put your mind at ease
German Tutor
I am Claudia Dickson of CDlingua.
My passion is all about helping people to speak German like a native with confidence and ease to build stronger relationships with German contacts and to get top grades in your exams!
Being a native German Tutor and language specialist with 26 years of teaching experience certainly adds a certain edge to your tuition. And I love seeing people succeed in German and overcoming objections and struggles.
I help clients and students with their German tuition either online or face-to-face, in groups or one-to-one. Specializing in GCSE and A-Level, Professional and Business German at a corporate level I am looking to help you to increase your German potential and make any exams you are taking less stressful.
With my 90 minute training I will give you:


  • a run through the simple present tense - das Präsens - covering regular and irregular verb forms - this session will be relatively short but I think it is important to be clear on the verb forms and it gives you a good basis for the next tense
  • a detailed training session about the present perfect tense - das Perfekt - again covering regular and irregular verb forms with their correct auxiliary verb. This session will include different verb forms and their exceptions.
  • a run through the simple past tense - das Imperfekt - again covering the regular and irregular verb forms and spending a bit more time on recognizing which verb you have in front of you when seeing it in a text.


  • a recording of the 3 presentations will be available for you to listen to again in your own time and you will have access to this recording FREE for 2 months
  • you will be given a short guideline to all three tenses as a PDF file which you can download
  • there will also be a worksheet for each tense which you can complete and return to me to be checked within the first week after the training session.

The training is for 

  • the following ability levels of German:
    • GCSE and above
    • European Framework levels A2, B1 or above
  • anyone at the above level who takes learning German serious and wants to have better chances at getting top marks

The training is NOT for

  • complete beginner level - there needs to be a solid foundation of German knowledge to be able to follow the training


by Jamie Fryer

Claudia taught me twice a month for an hour a time. The lessons were fun and packed with content and I was usually given some work to complete at home along with vocabulary to learn. If I was ever struggling with work set at school Claudia would always look at this with me and clarify things.

I did not ever think I would enjoy learning a language but it was compulsory at my school and so having the support from Claudia really helped me start to understand the language and Claudia really supported my exam study in my final year and I came away from school in 2016 with an A* in my GCSE and a High Achiever/Gifted & Talented award from my school.

I would recommend her as a tutor for anyone.

if you are ready to get better grades in your exams
and take charge of your German tenses
then join me on this training session on 8th April, 11.00 am.
Join me for only £27.00

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